Plot line - Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
Updated: 4/16/2020
Plot line - Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

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  • Exposition
  • Mistborn begins in a dystopian society where the skaa, the members of the slave class, are oppressed by the Lord Ruler's harsh regime. Vin, our protagonist, is living in an underground, skaa thieving crew without any family or friends. She is constantly hiding and trying to appear insignificant for fear of being beaten or having her food stolen
  • Rising action
  • One day, a special group of skaa with strange powers discovers Vin. She learns that she is in fact a mistborn, capable of learning fantastic abilities. The only other mistborn, whose name was Kelsier, began teaching her how to use her abilities. All the while, Kelsier reveals his ambitions to overthrow the lord ruler and free the skaa people.
  • Rising action cont.
  • Vin begins sneaking into noble. upper-class parties to gather information, spread rumors, and sow chaos in preparation for Kelsier's master plan. Meanwhile, Vin grows to trust in her friends and not be constantly suspicious of betrayal.
  • Climax
  • Finally Kelsier's plan has reached its final step. In a twist turn of events, Kelsier made himself a martyr to push the skaa population into rebellion. Now the only thing stopping them from freedom is the Lord Ruler who Vin has committed to confronting.
  • Falling action
  • Now hailed as a hero, Vin assists in the capturing of the city. She mourns the loss her friend and mentor, Kelsier, and honors his wishes in uniting the city. Unlike what Kelsier may have hoped, Vin spares the nobles and lets them continue living under the new government that her lover and scholar, Elond, crafts.
  • Now finally free Vin and the skaa enjoy brief period of peace and freedom. However Vin, Elond, and the rest of their crew know that the kings of neighboring cities view them as easy pickings. Vin must stay alert and prepared, for there is no knowing when their freedom may be at risk once again.
  • Resolution
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