Updated: 4/15/2021

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  • Hi, I'm James
  • Have you ever thought about design in the world.
  • Hi, my name is Jamie
  • No, I believe in spontaneous generation which states that living organisms can come from non living matter.
  • Really, well DNA in our own bodies is a great example of design. It carry's your information for all your physical characteristics. Our own cells in our body are also great examples. They are the smallest units of life and are in our own body. They are the building blocks of life. How can that come from spontaneous generation?
  • So you believe all this world coming to be was completely random?
  • Well, spontaneous generation is the only way life could be here on Earth. Evolution, through billions of years, shows how we evolved from nothing to what we are today.
  • No, I believe in Abiogenesis which tells us that the origin of life comes from non-living organisms.
  • So you are saying that all matter came in the universe right now came to be because of chance?
  • Yes, and species developed over time through natural selection which is showed in darwinism.
  • Natural Selection? What is that?
  • Natural Selection is where organisms better adapt to their surroundings to survive and bring more offspring.
  • Ok, say that all this is true. How then do morals fit in with all of that?
  • I don't think I know the answer to that question.
  • Ok then, it was nice talking to you. Maybe you should go home and think about our conversation.
  • Bye.
  • Ok, thanks, I'll try to think of an answer.
  • Bye.