autonomy - janie
Updated: 3/9/2020
autonomy - janie
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  • "Cause I hates de way his head is so long one way and so flat on de sides and dat pone uh fat back uh his neck."
  • "He never made his own head. You talk so silly."
  • : "Tain’t really no need of you dying, Jody, if you had of – de doctor – but it don’t do no good bringin’ dat up now. Dat’s just whut Ah wants tuh say, Jody, You wouldn’t listen. You done lived wid me for twenty years and you don’t half know me atall.
  • "Ah jus’ know dat God snatched me out de fire through you. And Ah loves yuh and feel glad."
  • In chapter 3, Janie is at the point of the book where she has all of her choices made for her. Nanny is picking who Janie gets to date, in this case, Logan. Janie does not have autonomy at all because regardless of Janie's feedback, Nanny still keeps them together.
  • In this part of the story, Janie is here trying to help out Joe Starks but her voice does still not seem to be heard. Joe is not feeling well and as Janie tries to tell him that not going to the doctor's is going to make it worse, her autonomy is not high so of course, nobody listens to Janie. (chapter 8)
  • In chapter 19, after Tea Cake who played a big role in Janie's life, dies, Janie has a hard time getting back on her feet but with the amount of independence she was able to get with Tea Cake, she had autonomy to talk to God and make her own choices on how to save herself. As you can tell, Janie's autonomy progresses from the beginning of the book to the end.
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