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Updated: 9/23/2019
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  • im the newkid john
  • hey my names cole andi get picked on for being black
  • and this is the kid that picks on him
  • the kid that get picked on says hey can i play with u guys
  • so the new kid keeps palying and dosent say anyting
  • and the bully says no go away we dont hang out with black ppl
  • so the new kid and the bully are playing in the sand
  • so th bully and the new kid are eating lunch and says lets let the other kid eat with us he says no stay away from him and he says y cuz he black and he didnt respond
  • its home time
  • thats not true hopfeully u have a better day tmr
  • he went home and said i had the wrost day first day of school just becasue im black nobody likes me
  • so the next day of school the bully knocks his tetx books out of his hand and the new kid walked up and pusheed him away and said back off this isnt right he should be treated like us and helped him pick up his books and d the for the rset of the year they all became freinds because bullying isnt okay
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