Updated: 6/16/2020
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  • Stacey
  • Jill
  • Stacey and Jill are best friends. One day in the cafeteria at school for lunch, Stacey tells Jill about a party happening tomorrow, on Friday. They think that their parents will never allow them to go, so they decide to lie and tell them they are sleeping over at each other's house that night, and sneak over to the party.
  • Hey Jill, a woman at the front door says she needs to speak to you.
  • At dinner that night, Jill asks her mom if she can sleep over Stacey's house on Friday night. She has been friends with Stacey for many years and Jill's mom knows her parents, so she quickly says yes.
  • You lied!
  • You never let me have any fun!
  • That Friday, Jill's mom drove her to Stacey's house. Stacey's parents weren't home so Stacey just texted them to say she was off to Jill's house. They headed over to the party down the street.
  • I just want to know where you are because I care about you. I want you to be safe.
  • I do understand, by not forgiving you and worrying too much, I only hurt myself.
  • I'm not a little girl anymore...
  • I forgive you for treating me like younger than I am. We can both be more honest and open with each other.
  • Jill didn't know, but her mom sent a text to Stacey's parents to thank them for having her daughter over for the night. The secret was out... Jill's mom drove back to Stacey's house and heard the noise from the party. They were busted...
  • Jill's mom was very upset. She was more upset at Jill, not because she went to a party where no parents were home, but because she lied about it.
  • The next morning. Jill and her mom had a conversation about the event. Her mom wanted Jill to be honest with her. Jill just wanted her mom to trust her more. Jill's mom agreed to be more flexible and Jill agreed to be honest. They forgave each other and made up!
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