Self & Other Wk 2, Act 2
Updated: 5/18/2020
Self & Other Wk 2, Act 2

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  • Anna, Brendan, and Tommy are juniors in high school. They are great friends, and spend a lot of time together hanging out.
  • Brendan
  • Tommy
  • Anna
  • Since the beginning of this school year, Brendan and Tommy have noticed that Anna is busier than usual. She missed two of their weekly "Taco Tuesdays" and she didn't go to Tommy's house last Friday to watch the season finale of the group's favorite show.
  • Hmmmm... You're right. She seems stressed out and tired, but she hasn't said that anything is wrong.
  • Hey Tommy, do you think Anna is okay? She seems distant lately.
  • Anna has been working very hard to get A's in all of her classes, and studies constantly. She wants to get into a good college and receive a scholarship. She is feeling very stressed, but she has kept these feelings inside because she doesn't want to complain or seem needy. She is striving for perfection because she believes it is attainable, and something she needs to achieve.
  • Tommy decided to approach Anna and talk to her to see if something was wrong. She tells him that everything is fine. He wasn't fooled. He knows that vulnerability is hard for Anna, as it is for many people.
  • Are you okay? You seem to be working very hard lately. Are you taking care of yourself?
  • I'm fine...
  • Tommy and Brendan talk to Anna about vulnerability. They assure her that she is only human and they want to help her. Anna opens up about her stresses.She expected to feel weak, but instead, she feels relieved.
  • Me and Tommy are here for you. You can talk to us.
  • You are working so hard! We are proud of you. Admitting that you need a break is okay.
  • The friendship between Anna, Tommy, and Brendan has been strengthened. They help Anna study, and study themselves. However, they take time to relax with each other. Anna is glad she decided to be vulnerable. She opens up more regularly, and admits when she needs a break.
  • We are friends. We are human and we need each other.
  • Vulnerability is hard, but it is helpful in so many ways!
  • We are not in this alone.