where the red fern grows storyboard
Updated: 2/7/2020
where the red fern grows storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • I bet you , that your dogs cannot tree the ghost coon
  • okay, i will bet you 1 dollar that we can .
  • Im not going to kill the coon.
  • The bet was to tree he coon and kill it. Do it or we will for ouselfs and you loose the bet
  • Rubin what happened !!
  • .......
  • Rainnie and Rubin had told Billy they bet little Ann and Old Dan could not tree the ghost coon. Billy and his two dogs are chasing the ghost coon trying to find it in the tree.
  • Little Ann and Old Dan treed the ghost coon. But billy heard the coon crying and refused to kill it .
  • Rainnie had an Axe and was threatening to kill the dogs if he didn't do it . Rainnie accidentally tripped over the Axe and it stabbed him in the stomach.Billy tried to ask Rubin what happened but he would not answer