Atmosphere assesment
Updated: 4/8/2021
Atmosphere assesment

Storyboard Text

  • I'm Earth!
  • We are three of the important gasses that make earth a safe place to live!
  • CO2
  • H20
  • 02
  • Ar
  • CH4
  • We are the other three.
  • N2
  • O2
  • I protect earth from other dangerous gasses. But I can't do it alone. the other gasses help as well. Without them Earth is inhabitable 
  • dangerous gas
  • I am mars and I live next to earth. My atmosphere is similar to earth's but not exactly the same. That is why you can't live on me.
  • Mars is the problematic one of the two. 
  • My atmosphere has less oxygen than Earth. The reason for this is because life adds more oxygen into the atmosphere. I can't support life so therefore I have less. 
  • What did I tell you? Problematic. 
  • My chance to carry life was long since destroyed years and years ago by something called sputtering. Sputtering is when protons from the sun strike molecules in the atmosphere.
  • problematic since day one.