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the sir Green Knight
Updated: 11/14/2019
the sir Green Knight
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Storyboard Description

its starts from beginning to the end basically teaching how it started with it being OK and then the guy getting his head chopped off.

Storyboard Text

  • A strange figure dressed completely in green enters King Arthur's hall unannounced...
  • I, Sir Gawain of the round table, will take the challenge! What are the terms?
  • *KISS* *KISS* *KISS*
  • It is I, the GREEN KNIGHT! I have come to challenge only the bravest man to a game!
  • The knight let Sir Gawain behead him, only if he would allow the knight to do the same to him...
  • In one year and one day, come to the Green Chapel to face your doom!
  • One year later, Sir Gawain sets off on his journey to the Green Chapel. He comes across a Lord's castle and is given shelter...
  • You can stay here three days, but we must trade all prizes won each day... deal?
  • OOH LA LA...
  • *KISS**KISS*
  • If you must...
  • *KISS*
  • Also, take this girdle, it will protect you
  • Each day, Sir Gawain got a kiss from the Lady and each day he gave that kiss to the Lord... but not the green girdle
  • Although you have flinched, I will spare your life...
  • When Sir Gawain arrived at the Green Chapel, he was welcomed by the Green Knight
  • Wh-Why?
  • I am actually the Lord of the castle you stayed at, and because you did not seduce my wife, I will not kill you
  • The Green Knight explains that he only scratched Gawain because he did not give the green girdle to the Lord. Sir Gawain learns his lesson and returns to Camelot
  • Uh... OK
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