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Updated: 1/11/2021
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  • 42% of people agree that racial discrimination, especially at airport security checkpoints, is a common factor in airports today. Others also believe racial discrimination is commonly known in society.
  • People are judged due to their identity. Most people are biased towards others which is basic human nature but people who get judged really get harmed but we don’t realize it. A study in 2004 concluded by a man named Timothy Judge at the University of Florida, mentions that tall people make more money than shorter people. Every inch of height, a tall worker can make $789 extra. This means that 2 similarly workers will have a pay gap of almost $5000 per year, just because of a 6 inch height difference.
  • Muslims are getting checked for customs in airports due to wearing traditional clothes People of different race are getting treated differently due to something they cannot changeBeing treated differently can hurt someone and make them feel bad for themselvesBeing bias towards another due to identity is inadequateDo not judge others by their identity they can always change and people do not know when
  • 75% of the time people who wear hijabs get a strange lookBlack and Latinx individuals were involved in 88% of police stops in New York City, while only 10% involved white individualsBlack Americans and white Americans use drugs at equal amounts, but black Americans are 6 times more likely to get prosecuted for it.
  • If you are in a situation where you are faced with racial discrimnation visit Aclu.org and read the article on Racial Justice