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Updated: 10/10/2021
English storyboard

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  • He didn't want to tell some strange girl what he had done.My Father beating me for one more day,my father would snatch away all the money I and my sister earned and would spend it on drink
  • Velu
  • Why is she calling me?
  • Don't think I don't know .This place is full of children like you.So what are you going to do here?Become Rich?
  • No need to Stare.What's your name?
  • So Mr Velu,Run away from home?
  • Aiy! What,new to town eh? Here Aiy!
  • She started walking.What should i Do?
  • Where was she going to take me? Anyway I have no idea where to go
  • Hungry?You won't get food by sitting here glumly,making faces.I can find some if you want.
  • What Do you think you're doing? Grazing cows? If you stay around in the middle of the road like that you'll be chutney .
  • My heart is still beating fast. I was looking back at central Station and the traffic speeding by.