Romeo and Juliet Act II
Updated: 12/2/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act II

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  • Tybalt had challenged Romeo to a dual, which he accepted. Romeo didn't want to fight Tybalt but that changed when his friend, Mercutio began teasing Tybalt. He was pretending to misunderstand him, and Romeo said he would try to forgive Tybalt for his actions. Mercutio tells Rome that he sounds afraid.
  • Romeo visits Juliet to comfort her and is prepared to be scolded for his actions against Tybalt. He tells Juliet that he must leave before the sunrises, but he sows that we will stay and risk his life for her and die for her. In doing this he mentions something about death to Juliet which seems to freak her out so she urges him to leave because the sun is rising. After saying their goodbyes, Juliet's mother enters and tells her that she is being dramatic about her grieving for Tybalt. After saying this Lady Capulet tells Juliet that the Montague's, especially Romeo, had to pay. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Romeo will be poisoned, and Juliet says that she will do it, but only she knows that she wouldn't really.
  • Romeo and Benvolio attempt to stop the fight but while trying to do so Romeo hold Mercutio and Tybalt stabs Mercutio. He tries to tell Romeo that it's only a scratch and Benvolio goes to get someone to help his friend. The people that were watching the fight were gossiping and saying that the prince was near when Benvolio reenters and shouts to Romeo that Mercutio is dead. Romeo becomes enraged from this news and stabs Tybalt and so he dies. Romeo is conflicted, does he feel happy for avenging his best friend's death or dos he feel remorse for killing his wive cousin.
  • The Prince expresses that Romeo was only avenging his friend's death, however the law would've taken care of it and Romeo knows this. For this reason, Romeo is exiled from Verona's walls and if he doesn't listen to this demand then he will be killed. This causes Juliet to become confused on who she should mourn, her husband who is being exiled from their city-state or who beloved cousin, Tybalt, who her husband killed.
  • Both Romeo and Juliet express how deep their sorrow is for their predicaments, and if they can not have each other then they will die. Once Juliet learns about the banishment of her husband by the time light hits in the morning, Romeo and Juliet both act the same way. The believe it is unfair that they can never seem to enjoy their love even for a little while.
  • Lord Caplet scolds Juliet and insults, verbally and physically abusing her in a way, because she tells him that she will never marry Paris because she does not love him. Capulet used to think differently about her marrying Paris so soon because she most likely would not survive child labor for she is only 13 years old. But he thinks differently now because Paris is a kinsman to the Prince so what he says goes.
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