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Walk two Moons Snakebite Seen.
Updated: 9/28/2020
Walk two Moons Snakebite Seen.
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Storyboard Description

Salamanca is In a river with Grandma and Grandpa because they had to cool off during their road trip. A boy named Tom Fleet walks by and yells "This is private property!" Then Grams gets bit by a snake in the foot while the boy takes out a knife. Gramps takes Grams to the shore where Sal scolds the boy because its a river it can't be private property. Gramps takes the knife from Tom and cut Grams' leg. The boy feels bad and volunteers to suck 'n spit so he sucks and spits the venom while giving directions to the hospital. He comes along with them. Then at the hospital Grams is drugged so she doesn't feel that much pain and they extract the venom. Sal and Tom stay over night in the lobby chairs. At 6:00 AM Tom wakes up Sal to tell her that her Grandmother is feeling better. Gramps talks to the Doctor while Tom and Sal chat. Tom says he has to go but gives Sal his address. He whispers to her. "It wasn't a private property." Then Sal whispered back "I figured that." Tom chuckles and Sal smirks. Then Tom leaves. Grams sits up off the hospital bed and Gramps hugs her. After a little while. They continue their road trip.

Storyboard Text

  • Are you okay Grandma?
  • I think it got my foot!
  • Quiet! I am driving!!
  • Thank you for helping us bring her to the hospital.
  • Sorry Grampa!
  • No problem I would feel really bad if I didn't.
  • All better the Venom is out!
  • How is she doctor?
  • I just can't thank you enough Tom
  • Really?! I will defiantly write!
  • Its okay Sal. Here is my address if you ever want to write. 
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