fier From Fire Mountin tyler brubaker

Updated: 1/9/2019
fier From Fire Mountin tyler brubaker

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • Escape From Fire Mountain the caracters are Nikki and the setting is at a house and it is in 1 person point of view
  • climax
  • Two kids are trapped in a fire and Nikki comes to save them and she takes a ciac to come and save them and the one kid is hurt
  • falling actoin
  • then at night they start to go home when they find pochers and then then they tell them that they have to say and at night Nikki cuts a hole in the back of the tent and then she james the one gun with rocks slices the back of one of the quades and takes the quade all the way home.
  • resolution
  • They get back to the house and the kids are in the house and the guys come again and are in the house with the kids and Nikki is out side
  • Nikki go throu the window and the kids go to the bathroom and Nikki gets the kids out of the house and they get on a horse.
  • Then Nikki sees the poachers behind her they go right past her.She sees her boat from earler and puts the kids in the boat and right when she goes to step in the poachers are behind her and the one has the gun up to her and say stop and then Nikki looks behind her and then sees blood comming out of him and and then she gets in the boat and starts gowing down and then people com to save them and they are throwing ropes out to them to catch and then she catches it and then they pull them in to land.