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The Creation Story of Genesis
Updated: 9/28/2020
The Creation Story of Genesis
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Storyboard Description

This story is found in the book of Genesis. It is about the 7 days of creation and how God created the earth. The first day he created light. The second day he created the sky. The third day he created land and vegetation. The fourth day he created the sun and moon. The fifth day he created flying animals and sea creatures. The sixth day he created man and animals. The last day he rested because he liked what he made.

Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning God made the earth and heavens. The earth was empty, shapeless and dark, so god created light. He then separated the light from the dark, and this was day one of creation.
  • "let there be light"
  • On the second day of creation God wanted to make a divider between the waters. He created this divider and called it sky. There was then sky and water.
  • "I would like to create a divider to divide the waters. I will call it sky"
  • On the third day God decided to gather the water in one place to let dry ground appear. He then called the dry ground land and the water seas. He then created vegetation to grow on the land.
  • "I shall create sea and land. I will also create vegetation to grow on this land"
  • On the fourth day God wanted there to be day and night. He then created the sun and the moon and put them into the sky to keep track of the days and nights.
  • "I shall create the moon and the sun to keep time of day and night."
  • On the fifth day God decided to create birds of the sky and water creatures. He created them and told them to multiply.
  • "let there be creatures of the seas and birds of the air."
  • On the sixth day he created the land animals. He then decided to create man to look after his creation. God made man in his own image. On the seventh day God was happy with his creation and he rested.
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