How a Bill becomes a Cartoon Comic
Updated: 1/14/2021
How a Bill becomes a Cartoon Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Searching for support in the House of Rep...
  • This Is My Bill!
  • Lets Send It to the Committee!
  • i support It!
  • Meanwhile in the Committee...
  • After Review... We approve!
  • we should do this ...
  • In the house, the bill is read out loud and is held for floor debate, suggestions of changes can be made.
  • This is a valid bill because...
  • *reading the bill for votes*
  • I vote NO
  • i vote YES
  • *The bill is sent to the senate as the house approves the bill...*
  • I vote YES
  • In the senate...
  • We want to change This...!
  • NO
  • The senate votes on the bill...
  • yes
  • NO