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Updated: 10/4/2020
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  • Scene 1 - EXT HOUSE - NIGHT
  • Scene 2 - TITLE SCREEN
  • Scene 3 - EXT HOUSE - NIGHT
  • Extreme Close up, tracking shot of main character's bag carrying drinks into the house party. Editing: Shot is in slow motionSFX: slowthai - T N Biscuits (The hit single of ferret party's new Roots EP) muffled as if coming from inside the houseLighting: Artificial lighting from the front of the house
  • Scene 4 - INT HOUSE - HALLWAY
  • Screen cuts to the title screen synced to the music. Editing: The words on screen warp and move.
  • Scene 5 - INT HOUSE - KITCHEN
  • Cut back to a First person POV shot of the main character handshaking partygoer at the front of the door and then walks through the door.
  • Scene 6 - INT HOUSE - BACK ROOM
  • Mid, tracking shot of main character entering the house party as the music kicks in and lip sinking words, performing the song. the camera zooms out from the main character making the transition hiddenSFX: slowthai - T N BiscuitsLighting: Soft lighting from party lights around set
  • Throughout the video there will be glitches in the camera cutting to scenes of partying around the house almost like a video that has been taped over the music video.
  • Mid panning shot of main character sitting on the couch lip sinking the song.SFX: slowthai - T N BiscuitsLighting: Soft lighting from party lights around set.
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