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Updated: 12/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • expositiona million dreams
  • inciting incidentcome alive
  • rising actionrewrite the stars
  • the main character was first poor dso the song is about how he has all of these dreams
  • climaxtight rope
  • all of the circus people a scared so he is just trying to help them get hyped and ready to go for the show
  • falling actionfrom now on
  • there was a law where people of opposite skin colors could not get married so they wanted to rewrite the rules so they could get married
  • rising actionthe greatest show
  • she feels like if she messes up that every body would judge her and stuff
  • he made a mistake and from now on he will change his mistake and he will try harder
  • its the last song of the movie so they are saying how their circus is the best show
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