Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • Rattlesnakes use their camoflauge to hide from their prey so they can sneak up on it and kill it once it passes by
  • Snakes hibernate in the long cold months (brunate)
  • Rattlesnakes get more active during the night and less active during the day when its hot
  • Snakes have adapted to the hot temperatures by learning to burrow
  • Snakes adapt to the desert by having light brown or camouflage skin
  • Have developed loose skin on their bellies to protect them from kicking of their prey
  • Long, retractable claws to snare at their pray
  • Rough tongues help remove the skin so the meat of their pray is exposed
  • Male lions mane helps them mate with females
  • Tan color allows them to blend in with the savannas
  • Long neck also helps see predators and communicate with other giraffes from far away
  • Can go weeks without water
  • Long neck helps them feed at high places
  • Ossicones (armored head) help with clubbing battles with rival mates
  • Long legs help boost their height further for food
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