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Updated: 6/29/2021
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  • Your Total Wellness
  • Your SMART Goals
  • Health and Fitness
  • A healthy lifestyle involves 3 characteristics. Our mental/emotional, physical, and social wellbeing This is also known as our health triangle. Our social part deals with relationships and knowing how well we get along with others. Our second part is our mental/emotional state. This is how we handle and react to situations. We often use defense mechanisms if it is an argument between two people. While we are under stress we usually know what keeps us calm and cools us down. Many eat when they are stressed. We can control this by keeping ourselves busy or posting positive messages near areas where we know we should avoid. If we avoid food when we are stressed out we can have a stronger mental state and we will se a change in our physique. There are more ways we can manage our stress. We can be involved in more activities that we enjoy, be open-minded, be accountable for our own actions, and identify what we are stressing about.
  • Selecting Physical Activity
  • When we want to set our goals, they must be realistic, specific, and most of all achievable. To stay committed and reach our goals we have to give ourselves a reasonable time period to accomplish it. Obviously, goals aren't easily reached so we have to work hard. When I set my goals I always ask myself, "what are you will to give to get what (or where) you want?" This inspiring phrase drives me to thrive for greatness.
  • Lifestyle Guidelines
  • As human beings we have to keep up with our health and fitness. Now this doesn't mean that we need to take workouts to the extreme, only if we ca handle that amount of intensity. First jumping into workouts, we should start slow and let the results do the talking. If we stay consistent and composed then we will be able to move forward in our challenges. When we do this we can gain confidence and be more humbled towards ourselves and other. We can also find our worth during our journey and learn to respect others and ourselves. When we train it's a whole new ball game. Whether it involves resistance, weights, anaerobic, or aerobic exercises we should test ourselves and see how far we can make it. There are many workout and exercises out there, so let's get to pumping and making a change!
  • Nutrition
  • When we exercise we have to really think about our environment and our health conditions. We must take this into consideration because we have to prevent anything bad to happen. Additionally, when we are working out we have to take into consideration of our caloric intake. If we are burning calories, we have to regain it back from our most reliable source of foods. Eating more calories than we burn will cause us to gain weight. Eating less calories than burning, we will lose weight.
  • In life we face a lot of adversity and setbacks. Some of which can involve our health such as injuries from moving our body. This is due to either over stretching our muscles, spraining them, blisters, or even shin splints. Many of these occur due to improper posture, working out too much, or not stretching at all. If we do not treat these injuries in such a way then we are bound to make it worse, and we will create unnecessary and preventable complications with our body. When we walk it off we are mentally stronger, but physically we are breaking ourselves to be in a worse condition. Exercising or being physically active is healthy, but if we know that we feel something is wrong we should act immediately, just for good measure. If we don't we could potentially live in regret, especially when it comes to loved ones. Whether it's pushing one to be better but telling them to toughen it up or not living another day to see others because of our stubbornness. As humans we need to make it clear and understand that small things build up and it can become a big problem.
  • Nutrition is a very big factor and it can change our health if we eat more of another thing. We have to find a way to be healthy with our eating habits, that's exactly why many of us look up to strict diets. But, little do we know, diets that tell us to avoid any other aspects of needed nutrition, is not helping us at all. Diets aren't all great if you don't know about the risks. That's why it's better to create a diet of your own. This helps us have a balanced, nutritional meal. this is what keeps us healthy and live to see many other days to come.