Chapter 9 and 10
Updated: 4/1/2020
Chapter 9 and 10
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  • "Poor Gulliver," says Gimbella. "He´s not well, Father. He need to rest."
  • "Oh no, Gulliver can´t sing and dance." "I´ll lose money now!"
  • For the next five weeks, the farmer takes me to the tavern every day. A lot of people come to see me and the farmer gets a lot of money. I work very hard and I´m very tired and unhappy. The farmer doesn´t give me much food and I´m always hungry. I want to go home and see my wife and children.
  • Don´t cry, dear, you can stay on the on the palace.
  • One day, I hear the farmer and his wife talking. About they can go to the Capital to gets more money. We arrive in Lorbulgrud on 26th of October.THe farmer finds a hotel for us near the royal palace. He puts signs all over the town to announce my arrival. But I´m thin and I feel terrible after the long journey and I can´t sing or dance.
  • The King of Brondingnag sends a message to the farmer. The farmer is excited. "You must eat and be strong, Gulliver,"he says. "Tomorrow, you will sing and dance for the king and Queen! Imagine that!"The farmer gives me food and I eat it enthusiastically. I feel strong again.
  • The next day, we go to the palace and I sing and dance for the King and Queen. They like me. "I want to buy Gulliver," the Queen tells the farmer. "He must live with us.""You can buy him for 1,000 pieces of gold, Your Majesty," says the farmer, inmediately.
  • But I love Gulliver.
  • The King and Queen are very nice to me. Their servants make a small house for me. It´s got two windows and a door. There´s a black table with two chairs, a cupboard and a comfortable bed. There´s a small plate, cup and bowl in the cupboard and a comfortable servants make clouths for me. But, Queen´s dwarf detests me.
  • The Queen´s dwarf is ten metres tall. He hates me because I´m the Queen´s favourite and he´s envious. He puts some insects in my house because he wants to frighten me. They´re very big and aggresive. I kill four with my knife and the others fly out of my house. The Queen hears about this, and she´s furious. "You must leave the palace!" she tells the dwarf.
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