Updated: 2/22/2021

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  • Hail, thane of Glamis!
  • Wait what about me?
  • Hail, thane of Cawdor!
  • This is totally legit! I'll tell my wife in a letter!
  • Hail, the future king of Scotland!
  • After Lady Macbeth had received Macbeth's letter and bullied him sufficiently (for the time)...
  • "I am settled, and bend upEach corporal agent to this terrible feat."
  • It will be fine, I will frame the King's guards as his murderers. No one will know we did it!
  • *A Bell Rings*
  • AH! This floating, bloody dagger hallucination looks just like my real dagger, and points towards the King! Ugh, I'm losing my courage to do this...
  • "I go, and it is done."
  • .
  • "Wake Duncan with thy knocking. I would thoucouldst."
  • Ok, I put the daggers back, coward. Let's go wash our hands and get to bed, you've lost your resolve.
  • "What's the matter?"
  • The next morning...
  • The King has been murdered!
  • "O horror, horror, horror!Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!"
  • I will go to Ireland, Malcom.
  • It's not safe here! "Let’s away."
  • End of Act II...
  • Let us escape now. "There’s warrant in that theftWhich steals itself when there’s no mercy left."
  • I agree, we must act later. I will go to England, brother.