english comic
Updated: 10/22/2020
english comic

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  • Your joking? you don't know what an adverb is? its a word that modifies an adj! for example usefully!
  • yes of course!
  • hey sweetie whats adverbs?
  • ok well lets go!
  • oh ok! well looks like your practice starts soon lets get home and eat!
  • Hi Mom!! Hi Jack!
  • hey sis!
  • hey sweetie! ur brother is gonna teach you about verbs and all kind of different english stuff!
  • hey can you help jack with his homework and adverbs?
  • Want help with your homework!
  • yes please i dont get adverbs! it confusing!
  • It is a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adj! some examples are gently, quite, then, there
  • hey dad whats an adverb?
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