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War of Ghosts - 1
Updated: 10/1/2020
War of Ghosts - 1
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  • In 1932 Bartlett conducted a study to investigate how memory is reconstructed when people are asked recall something repeatedly over a period of weeks and months
  • Bartlett used a technique which is called serial reproduction.This means if someone recalled something, then they would recall it to the next person and that person would recall it to the next person etc
  • He showed them the story (WOG) and asked them to reproduce it after 15 minutes and the he showed the new version to the next participants and so on
  • Results - Bartlett found that the participants remembered different parts of the story and interpreted the story within their own frames of reference - social and cultural expectations. For example, the story was shortened and they changed some words e.g canoe was changed to boats and the story said hunting for seals while the participants said fishing which young British men do - the participants were from the UK
  • Conclusion - All these transformations had the effect of making the story easier to remember. We remember key information and fragments rather than details. We use our knowledge of social situations to reconstruct our memory
  • This reconstructed version of events is simpler to remember and therefore becomes our memory for the event
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