Mosaic art

Updated: 9/10/2021
Mosaic art

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah I know a little about it.
  • Do you like art?
  • Do you guys know about mosaic art?
  • Oh wow! That sounds cool! Tell me more! Do you know of any artists?
  • Yes actually,I went to a really cool cathedral in St. Luis!
  • I know an artist of the name Mia Tavonatti she paints glass for her mosaics. She has some very beautiful pieces.
  • OK well that's cool and all and I'd love to hear more I have to go because the creator is to lazy to want to have to put me in again
  • Mia has made some very big accomplishments like First place at Art Prize in 2011,and runner up in 2010.i'd love to tell you more but it looks like we only have 1 slide left so Ill tell you all I can
  • Oh ok but whats your name? Mine's Cameron
  • Cool! I'll definitely have to check those out!
  • Mia is also an author of many drawing books and books about scary mysteries for sleepovers you should check them out if you are into drawing or scary stories and mysteries!