Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Percy,Annabeth and Grover arrive at the mortal entrance to the underworld
  • we need to get into the underworld.
  • you guys aren't dead .Come back when your dead
  • Charon takes them across the Styx to the underworld
  • Percy,Annabeth ,Grover reach the underworld
  • attendant on duty
  • attendant on duty
  • EZ death line
  • They met the ferry man named Charon.Percy tried to convince Charon to take them across the Styx by giving him some drachmas
  • then they meet Cerberus
  • They all get into the boat ask the ferry man takes them across the Styx to get to the underworld
  • Annabeth knew that he wanted to play fetch
  • they reach the metal detectors to enter the underworld
  • they all ran through the EZ death line
  • Percy tries to distract Cerberus by playing fetch with Cerberus
  • Annabeth takes where big red ball that she got from waterland out and plays with Cerberus
  • As Annabeth was distracting Cerberus Percy and Grover got past by the EZ death line and Cerberus didn't notice and they made the alarms go off