Frankenstein 2
Updated: 4/8/2021
Frankenstein 2

Storyboard Text

  • After telling his story, the monster revealed that he had killed William. The monster was trying to make William be quiet but accidentally strangled him.
  • The creature wants Victor to make a friend for him. Victor agreed, but only if the monster left the country; the creature said yes.
  • Many months later, Victor was almost finished with the monster. In a hut on an island, the first monster looked through the window as Victor tore apart the second creature.
  • On his way back from the hut, Henry was killed. Victor knows that it was the creature. Victor and Elizabeth get married, and Victor is conflicted on what to do.
  • While Victor is looking around the house for the monster, the creature kills Elizabeth. Victor goes to his father, who later dies of grief for Elizabeth.
  • Victor is determined to kill the creature and chases after him for months. Victor realizes it's hopeless, that he should have shown the creature love, and dies from the cold. The creature later wants to kill himself so no one else would suffer as he and the people who saw him did.