Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • todays the day, the most important game of the season im so nervous
  • sam, whats the answer to number 3 on the homework?
  • what-
  • yea but i think we can do it,
  • ready for later? Im so nervous if we lose its over, the seasons done
  • i dont know, im really nervous the pressure is getting to me
  • its going to be a close game i feel it
  • sam your our best player, your going to score the winning goal
  • lets go sam you got this!
  • all of a sudden it was up to me, i got a penalty shot to win the game
  • no way this is getting in... they are not beating us today
  • this is it, just me and the ball, I get this in and we win the game..
  • I DID IT!! WE WON!!!
  • yes sam! We knew you would do it!