horror exlorers

Updated: 9/17/2020
horror exlorers

Storyboard Description

max and Thomas said let's go to explore said, Thomas, then max said yes dude lets go said max then Thomas take max to a haunted place to explore then max said this is a really horrible place then Thomas said this ok then two vampires were talking first one was saying let's ate some human meat then the second one said yeah yeah sure then Thomas and max came to the place where to vampire were talking then the two vampires saw Thomas and max then let's eat themthomas and max said nooo nooo then they eat them.

Storyboard Text

  • yes dude lets go
  • hey dude lets explore
  • where are we this really haunted place
  • yes i know that is haunted we are gonna explore here
  • yeah yeah this the best day ever
  • nooo noo
  • lets eat some human meatlets eat them