Stock market
Updated: 2/17/2021
Stock market

Storyboard Text

  • No I've never heard of it what do you do?
  • hello, have you every thought about investing in the Stock Market?
  • Oh ok, I'm interested so should a buy a stock in my favorite company?
  • The stock market is where you buy stocks and invest in an company and you can make lots of money. 
  • Great!
  • Yes, you can become a Stock Holder in your company you choose to buy stocks in.
  • IF you are interested to buy more stocks you can become a Day Trader.
  • Oh That is cool
  • WOAH!!
  • Watch out I'm going to to my computer to check my Portfolio and get ready for the trading season.
  • IKEA is a private company!
  • Dang, I wanted to invest in Ikea but I just found out they were a Private Company. I guess I have to find some Public Companies.