The god
Updated: 6/2/2020
The god

Storyboard Text

  • OK dude
  • Let’s have a rap battle I’m bored
  • Come to my hood i’ll really block you out I’m talking straight bars you’re talking candy bars You come here I’ll go super Saiyan on you I do the ca me ha me ha on you
  • Yeah let’s get it
  • Yes do it
  • I am the god you better not talk smack or Al summons shin Ron on your back I’ll i’ll get the DraballsAnd finally wish you away from existence I’ll do the special beam and end you
  • Now it time to end this I am the great panther nobody can stop me I’ll destroy you with one strike that’s why they call me aaking Kai
  • Sorry panther you already met your match I’m gonna win this and Then I’ll power blast you they make you mad they make you suffer and make you beg for your life Like a puffer