The best holiday ever

Updated: 8/29/2020
The best holiday ever

Storyboard Text

  • Uh!! Of course, might be in a hour.By the way, I'm Akiyama.
  • I came here because is the safest place on earth and I want to learn its language that is more difficult than French. I'm Adam.
  • Good morning. Excuse me, could you please show me the surroundings? I’m new here and I don’t know Japanese.
  • Hi Adam!How are you?
  • Hi Akiyama!I'm fine . Today is going to be the best day of our life
  • Yes, I love my country because you can find incredible places.
  • Wow!! There are more beautiful places here than in my country.
  • This is amazing but I think the shark is the most dangerous animal in the world or not?
  • Mmm... Maybe It can be true but I consider that the snake is faster than the shark.
  • The perform was incredible, the dancers do a good job and they interestingly teach us to learn about Japon.
  • Yes, the Japanese performs are better than the Argentinian performs.
  • B… but, mi parents wouldn’t accept it, they’d disinherit me and they’d stop talking to me, that would be the worst thing in my life.
  • I got it, but, even so, I’ll be with you no matter what because is better being with you than lose you.
  • You know, you are the best person I’ve ever met and… you like me.