Broken Blade by Katie Dickinson Hour: 5
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Katie Dickinson Hour: 5

Storyboard Text

  • Congrats Pierre!
  • I"m a voyager
  • WHAT!?
  • ZZZ....
  • haha! you have weak hands!
  • Pierre tells his family that he is becoming a Voyager. His mother is nervous, his dad acts very happy! His sister is in the corner with his little sister not hearing. He became a voyager because his father chopped his thumb off.
  • Pierre's hands are really blistered, so La Londe gives him deer skin to wrap around the handle of his paddle. But Beloit laughs at Pierre for being weak. Pierre has some friends and an enemy in his crew. He seems slightly homesick, thinking about his family more than once along the trip.
  • Pierre's canoe got stuck on a rock. La Londe is trying to unlodge it since when he was in the canoe is idea failed. Mckay is headed right towards them, fast too because they are in the rapids, La Londe is hurrying he loosens it but slips in the end and dies. Pierre is distressed.
  • They all make it to Superior, but its freezing and the waves are crazy! Beloit is trying to block the waves with his body, and they all have to ship oars.
  • Pierre and his crew reach the end point, the farthest point of the journey. His crew can see the post in the distance, and although Pierre is happy, he thought it would be more impressive. When he arrives he meets friends, and has a huge meal.
  • Pierre finally makes it back to his town, and he greeted Cileste and her father. When he gets to his house Pierre greets his dog Pepper. Pierre plans so surprise his dad and gets caught. Pierre's dad goes in to get his mom while Pierre chops wood. He doesnt know if he should come back to being a voyager, or continuing his education.