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martin luther
Updated: 9/26/2019
martin luther
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  • In 1517, Johann Tetzel, a dominican friar sold whoever indulgences to get into heaven , he would also frighten peoople in buying them tk get more money 
  • Luther didnt agree with Tezels preaching,so hewrote 95 these againstthe indulgences ,he wrote them in latin and nailed them to the door of the church for everyone to see
  • The pope took action against Luther, they ordered Luther to meet Cardinal, after they met Luther he still refused to change ideas, so after the public debate between Luther and John Eck, the pope sent a special letter called a papal bull(disallowing him from receiving the sacraments)
  • Luther burned the papal bull letter in public after reading it. The pope asked Charles V ( the new holy roman Emperor ) to intervene Luther as hes was becoming more popular, so Charles called Luther to the Diet ( parliament) of worms (princes of Germany meeting)
  • Can Martin Luther please come to the diet of worms
  • On the way back Luther was kidnapped by Price Frederick the Wise, Frederick kidnapped Luther to keep him safe, Frederick was a supporter of Luther, he disguised himself as a knight , during his time hiding he was able to translate the bible to German so that everyone could read it
  • On December 25 1525 Luther married Katarina von Bora. Luther died in 1549 ,he was 63 years old , and he had 6 children .
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