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Rise of cities
Updated: 10/1/2019
Rise of cities
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  • Three years ago people were nomads and they never stayed in one place because of the seasons. Then people found out how to farm and so these people decide to live on agriculture farms and grow just crops as others become pastoralist who have livestock farms. People (like the ones above) live in dry places but still need to water their crops. People in this case irrigated water from rivers so they can keep their crops alive. Now people are growing food at much faster rates so a lot more food becomes available.
  • People begin to have more free time for having fun and hanging out. The populations grow fast in areas that are easy for farming and domestication.
  • People now have become specialized in certain jobs that they enjoy doing. These people love cows so they became specialized in raising cows. Then the people specialized in raising cows get milk and beef.
  • From what people specialize in they would trade what they had for other things they need. So the family who specialize in raising cows would trade beef for vegetables or milk for fruits. The people had then begun writing who they traded with and what it was for. People would have begun to write things down so they can be sure they get what they need or so they can't give something to someone then never get anything in return.
  • Now people have created innovations to help with everyday objects. With these objects people have formed rules for everyone to follow now that there have begun to have more people in places. Now people can have jobs run and help out in certain parts of a group.
  • Amendment 1Amendment 2
  • Cities have risen.People have picked places that they enjoy for either there job choices or the laws/rule. Population have grown in places with good jobs and good rules. Then those places became cities.
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