Fourth Amendment
Updated: 2/18/2021
Fourth Amendment

Storyboard Text

  • I think it was him who broke into our house and all the other's home
  • He looks sus
  • Why?
  • I know! I'll call the police to search his property
  • Why not? Now is a good time since he's leaving
  • You can't just blame him because he "looks sus"
  • Karen explains her suspicions
  • We'll go check it out
  • You know we can't do much. We can't search his property without a warrant.
  • If he's not home, we can search around his property. No one will know. What if he's the one. If we catch him we'll be heroes
  • No. We can't do an unreasonable search. We need a warrant and probable cause.
  • Uh hello officers. Can I help you guys?
  • Come on. No one is home.
  • Sorry officer but you need a warrant to search my property. Also, I was just coming back from the station because my house was robbed.
  • Yes. We have reason to search your property. We believe you are involve with the house robberies that have been happening. So if you could cooperate.