Act 4
Updated: 5/3/2020
Act 4

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  • I want to die if it means I don't have to marry Paris and I can stay true to Romeo.
  • How about instead I give you sleeping medicine so everyone thinks you are dead and when you wake up you can run away with Romeo.
  • Act 4 Scene 1
  • I must go find 20 skilled cooks.
  • Good, I will have the wedding planned for tomorrow morning.
  • Act 4 Scene 2
  • Father, I beg for your forgiveness, I am sorry for being disobedient and I am ready to marry Paris.
  • Act 4 Scene 3
  • What if this sleeping mixture doesn't work? What if I wake up tomorrow and have to marry Paris? What if it kills me? What if I wake up before Romeo comes and I am trapped inside my family's tomb and I am left to go crazy with the bones of my ancestors?
  • No, I have to drink it, for Romeo.
  • My first servingman, take your basket to the cook, and you behind him, go find drier logs. Nurse, go wake up Juliet and have her get dressed. I will go talk to Paris. Now everyone hurry up, we need to be ready for the wedding.
  • Act 4 Scene 4
  • Nurse, I need you to go get more spices.
  • Act 4 Scene 5
  • Oh what a terrible day it is. Death has taken away my only child and my only reason for living.
  • I can't believe she is dead. I can't believe death has taken her away from me and made me cry.
  • Madam, Juliet is dead. What a terrible day. Curse this day!
  • In this act Juliet went to see the friar and they discussed a plan about how Juliet could drink a sleeping mixture to make everyone think she was dead so she didn't have to marry paris and she could run away with Romeo. Then Juliet told her father that she would marry Paris, and her father planned the wedding for the next day so everyone started getting ready. After that Juliet drank her sleeping mixture and tricked everyone into thinking that she is dead so now the wedding is being changed to a funeral.
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