Loor and Rose
Updated: 2/14/2020
Loor and Rose
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Storyboard Description

A poor family lived in a small house beside a fish lake The mother was dead and the father worked fishing and selling to take money and food for his two daughters His daughter, Loor, was very unfriendly and cruel As for his daughter, Rose, she is kind, friendly, and better than her sisterز After a while, the father fell ill and rose to take care of him As for Laure, she did not care and went to the lake as usual and lay down her hair as she looked at her reflection in the water Their father died, Rose was very sad, and Lore did not care Rose sold fish to provide what she and her arrogant sister needed After a few days, Laure was outside to go to the lake. She saw an old woman with a pale and strange face in front of the house telling her that she was tired and wanted food and drink She pushed her hand and refused to give her, telling her not to come again Rose heard the voice of the old woman, where she went, helped the old woman, and apologized to her for her sister After a few days, Rose became very ill and did not sell fish any longer. She asked Laure to go on sale, and she was constantly refusing to say that he did not belong to her. Rose stayed in constant hunger and disease Until the same old woman came, she wanted to give after the pills to Roses, but Lor intercepted her at the door of the house with a sly smile that she would take care of herLore did not give cereal to Rose The old woman kept watching them all night and her sister didn't give her the medicine The next morning the old woman went in and entered the house without permission. Oh he was a persuasive man. This prince was saying to Lour that he was looking for his friendly wife to marry her. Laure, come on to us until he stopped her and said, “Not you, but your sister, he took care of her until recovery and married her. Rose sent food to her sister every day.” Suffice her and her husband say some people do not change until the day of their wedding, and she praises her sister who said to her, I hate you, nor the day I loved you, and her husband says people do not change

Storyboard Text

  • I am Jack
  • I am Loor
  • I am Rose
  • Oh no, I do not have time to take care of him.I will go to the lake. 
  • Hello, I am so tired can you give me some thing to dink and eat .
  • No go from here and do not come again.
  • Thank you, so much you are very kind.
  • Come drink and eat . and sorry for my sister she some times be unkind .
  • some people do not change.
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