Lab Safety
Updated: 2/1/2021
Lab Safety

Storyboard Text

  • Bear in mind that food & drinks are not allowed inside the laboratory unless stated or needed in the procedure. Food or drinks that are contaminated can be a source of exposure so please keep that in mind.
  • Mina, it is very important to wear your proper laboratory attire to avoid risk injuries and contamination especially now that our lab activity involves handling of chemicals.
  • Remember to immediately inform the teacher if something happens, just like now. And also, don't try to pick up the broken glasses with your bare hands but instead use forceps to manage it. I'd like also to add that playing & teasing around while doing a laboratory procedure is a big no inside the laboratory.
  • Also, following instructions and listening attentively to the teacher's instructions are very important to avoid confusions during the procedures that you'll be performing.
  • Since the both of you are the last to leave the laboratory, make sure that all the apparatuses are returned to its proper place and most importantly, check the gas valves, electrical outlets and other things that may pose hazards in the laboratory.
  • Ella, where's your PPE? Your long hair must be tied back also since your long hair could catch fire knowing that you're currently working with a Bunsen burner. Don't wear loose garments as well.