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Updated: 2/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Serfs
  • Knights
  • Nobles/Lords
  • Serfs did all the hard word including growing crops and gardening.They gave food to the knights and kings and nobles.The men would do the crops and the women would garden and feed the animals pretty much keep the house all together.
  • The knights would give protection to all.In return they would receive land and money and food.they would wear coats of armor and at first they would wear like a bunch of little chains as there armor.Also they were in charge of the serfs.
  • The lords and noble would give money to the nights for protection but would also fight sometimes to if they won the fights or the tournaments they would receive money that's why they were so wealthy.They were rich so they got pretty much whatever they want and the more fluff you had on you determined how rich or cool you were.