Updated: 2/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • To who do you thing that the power should be for the most?
  • OK I will tell you what I think of the the Federalist Power and who it should be to.
  • In my opinion I think that the power should be all to the government so it will make as a strong nation like France.
  • If all of the powers are to the government that is violating the 10th amendment the power to the states
  • OK I will be real with you you have a very strong point about what your saying. I Also have a another idea of a National Bank
  • OK hold your horses hear me out.
  • Do you what to know the real reason that we need a National Bank is so we can play off all of the debt that we got from the war.
  • How in the world do you think that that is fair for the people that already payed all of there dept.
  • OK what is the deal
  • Sit down and listen to me I have a deal !!
  • So the deal is that we get the National Bank and you guys get whatever you guys want.
  • The thing that we want is to move the nations capital further down to the South so it is in the middle between us.
  • Let shack on it, we have a deal