The Odyssey
Updated: 3/11/2020
The Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • I see, I will send out messenger Hermes to tell Calypso to let this poor man go home.
  • Father Zeus, there is no other as kind as you. There is a poor man named who Odysseus is trapped on an island and the nymph Calypso and Poseidon won't let him go, while suitors are plotting to murder his son, Telemachus.
  • Go Hermes, on your golden sandals, fly to the island where the nymph Calypso is holding Odysseus captive.
  • Right away, Father Zeus.
  • After years of suffering on this island, the gods have decided that Odysseus should go home.
  • You gods! This is so unfair! Did not the gods have mortals who they loved as well?