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Storyboard Abigail Jackson
Updated: 10/11/2019
Storyboard Abigail Jackson
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  • we have no more food !
  • Most of the hunters were killed in the last hunt and the heard should be moving soon.
  • what are we going to do
  • don't worry it will be ok.
  • we will have plenty of food for winter
  • The crops are ready to pick and harvest
  • This is amazing!
  • i love teaching kids
  • I love my life
  • Hey Bella, have you heard back from the job offer
  • Yeah. Now I am working at the school as an teacher
  • The paleolithic time was hard. During this time they did not have stable food supplier and often ran out. They had to move to follow the animals they we hunting. Hunting was also very dangerous and many people were killed. It was a hard time then.
  • Durring the neolithic time they were agriculturist meaning they had domesticated animals and grew crops. Their life was much easier because they settled near water and had a dependable food supplies. This gave them extra time to build better homes and decorate things in their lives.
  • A civilization first started when people first used stone after the neolithic period. A civilization has to have specialized workers for example a teacher. It should also have recorded keying some type of advanced technology, advanced cities, and complex institutions.
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