new english book report *and then it happend*
Updated: 5/13/2020
new english book report *and then it happend*
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  • Gordon, Paulo and James played a prank on their bird-loving neighbour and got into trouble!
  • I can't believe our children would do this!
  • You three are in BIG trouble!
  • We are very sorry Mr. Policeman!
  • At school there was a bike riding contest and the boys decided to build up a bike that had triple all of the parts of a bike so that it would go three times as fast and win the race. They called this bike the Triple Terror. They rode downhill in the neighbourhood to test it out but they were going too fast. They wanted to push the brakes but they realized that they hadn't put any! So down they went going at high speed into town. When they rode into town a police officer caught them and started to go after them with his car. Soon after, the boys saw that they were going to the lake. With no brakes and a high speed, they fell into the lake but got out but the Triple Terror stayed at the bottom.
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  • We can't! HELP!!
  • Paulo's family had a farm, they had turkeys which they would fatten up and eat for Thanksgiving dinner. The boys befriended a turkey and named him Spot. But it was almost Thanksgiving and Paulo's father was getting ready to prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving. The boys begged and tried to reason with Paulo's father not to kill Spot but he wouldn't give up. After an incident with a thief, Paulo's father decided not to eat Spot for dinner.
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