States of Matter
Updated: 4/17/2020
States of Matter

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  • Wow! *pants* That was quite a work out! I really need some water right now!
  • Aw, I just realized there's no water left! I have no time to go to the grocery store!
  • Only ice in the freezer... I guess I can let it melt.
  • Since an ice cube is a solid, it's particles are closely packed but can't move around freely. So, the molecules vibrate, and the shape and volume of a solid are definite.
  • When thermal energy is added, the ice cube will melt into water. The particles in a liquid are able to flow and move around.
  • Even though the particles are free to move around, liquids have a definite volume, but an indefinite shape.
  • That was nice of Rose to teach me a bit about solids and liquids, that was pretty interesting.
  • Maybe I should call Tina back now.
  • An hour later...
  • Where's my water?
  • ROSE!! Did you drink my water?
  • What do you mean??
  • Hey, it wasn't me! The water probably evaporated.
  • Heat was added to the water, making it a gas. Gas changes its shape and volume to fill a container.
  • A gases shape and volume are indefinite. So, the water must have evaporated.
  • I'm back from grocery shopping, girls! Look at all this water I got!
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