The Westing Game the bombs
Updated: 5/8/2020
The Westing Game the bombs

Storyboard Text

  • Ch. 12 The First Bomb
  • Ch. 13 The Second Bomb
  • Ch. 16 The Third Bomb
  • The first bomb was in the cafe owned by Mr. and Mrs. Theodorakis on the first floor. Mrs. Theodorakis and the cafe got covered in tomato sauce.
  • Ch. 21 The Fourth Bomb
  • The second bomb was in Mr. Hoo's restaurant and Sydelle Pulaski got hurt. Grace Wexler helped Mr. Hoo with serving guests in his restaurant. Madame Hoo tried to comfort Sydelle.
  • The third bomb was in one of Angela's presents. She got taken to the hospital because of her injuries. It was at her bridal shower.
  • Turtle Wexler found was found trying to bomb Theo while he was in the elevator and she was on the stairs.