Method assignment testing
Updated: 3/20/2020
Method assignment testing
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  • OMG, after sooo many years? How come those crazy scientists invented such a terrible technology?
  • Jane
  • Sam
  • Hey, do you know that a town in Japan is reopen after it is affected by the disaster in the nuclear plant in 2011?
  • they discover this process when they were studying how different elements are made in the universe
  • Actually, scientists at first didn't plan to use nuclear fission to produce power when they initially study the process .......
  • I see. Science and technology have different purposes. The purpose of science is to explain the natural world while the purpose of technology is to solve human's problems
  • Then, engineers used the nature of giving heat by the reactions to build nuclear plant as a solution to produce power to the society.
  • I know some Christians oppose the study of nuclear fission because the products of nuclear fission are radioactive, which may poison the creation of God-the world
  • Jane, do you know any factors which may affect the progress of scientific development?
  • Apart from religion, the development of nuclear physics is also affected by the economy. For example, more attention is put on studying nuclear fusion nowadays for its higher amount of heat generated. The heat maybe used in the nuclear fusion plant to support the economic growth in the future.
  • Well said, Sam. Science is affected by social and cultural factors like economy and religion
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