Infomercial For Vaping

Updated: 5/27/2020
Infomercial For Vaping

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  • Invasion & Awareness of E-cigarettes
  • John, can you go grab me my cigarettes?
  • Sure thing, Pops.
  • JUUL
  • What is it, Andrei?
  • Come stop by JULL we got all types of flavors to savor your craves.
  • It's called a vape, I use it often and it tastes good!
  • Sandra, take a look of this!
  • How Adolescents Get Hold Of E-cigarettes
  • Its like smoking a cigarette but way better!
  • Look John, we want to be your friends, but in order to do that you need to like vaping like us.
  • Wait, don't do it! Vaping still releases nicotine in the body, which can cause you to be addicted to vaping!
  • Addiction, & How it Starts
  • Got the cash?!
  • A deal's a deal.
  • I... I.. I NEED MORE!The flavor is so surreal, I can't stop, won't stop!
  • !
  • Liquid Flavors
  • Vapes
  • Many children and adolescents become intrigued to use e-cigarettes based on their environment, social factors such as who children associate or make friends with, what adolescents see as an example from other teenagers and adults as role models, and how other teenagers and media talk about e-cigarettes are all factors that contribute to the awareness of children/adolescents. This also include stores and e-cigarette products that are available in the environment.
  • Reasons Why Adolescents & Teens Are Drawn to E-cigarettes
  • Do it, Sandra! Do it! Do it! Do it!
  • There are several diverse methods used among children/adolescents that allow them to gain access to e-cigarettes that manipulate and bypass certain laws and systems of regulations placed by our government. In 2019, studies have shown that while 61.9% of adolescents in the UK buy their e-cigarettes, most commonly through the internet, the remaining 39.1% are given e-cigarettes to them. Friends provide a sophisticated source of influence on how children gain access to e-cigarettes and how children decide to use and contribute usage of e-cigarettes in their lives.
  • The Aftermath & Effects of Vaping
  • Forming an addiction and building a necessity over e-cigarettes can be a possibility for anyone, however, children and adolescents especially are at a greater risk of becoming addicted to using e-cigarettes. The start of an overwhelming addiction can begin as early as the first try of using an e-cigarette but progressively worsen after continuous usage. Due to the high exposure and vulnerability to the brain, children and adolescents have a greater effect on the addictive components of nicotine that are embedded with e-cigarettes.
  • Prevention & Alternatives to Vaping
  • You snooze, you lose! I won, fair and square.
  • Uhhh, you're so bad!
  • Several factors along with various reasons play a role and contribute to teenager’s likelihood of picking up an interest in vaping and using e-cigarettes. In 2019, studies in the UK have explained that the most common reason why young people experiment with e-cigarettes was to “just to give it a try” (52.4%), or in others out of curiosity. Below that, 14.2% of young people also vape because of the flavors available such as candy, mint, chocolate, etc. that are targeted to a child audience.
  • Hmm... I guess one hit won't hurt anybody.
  • Andrei, not you baby. How could this happen to you?!
  • Nicotine is an addictive chemical found in e-cigarettes that can harm the cognitive development of the brain in adolescents and children causing nicotine addiction, mood disorders, and impulse control disorders. Nicotine is also responsible for raising blood pressure, spiking your adrenaline, and increases the likelihood of having a heart attack. Diacetyl, which is a chemical found in e-cigarettes can cause serious lung diseases, causing inflammation and damaging the air sacs of the lungs.
  • Am I next?
  • Although experts conclude that vaping and using e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco products, this shouldn’t be a prime reason to why children think vaping is fine, there are better alternatives to vaping that are healthier for both mental and physical health. Instead of smoking tobacco and using e-cigarettes, drinking water is a good alternative. Water boosts the body’s metabolism while helping eliminate toxins in the body. Playing sports is also a great choice that benefits your mental health while improving your physical health. Stretching while exercising reducing bodily inflammation and blood pressure. Both options reduce the desire to lit up a cigarette and take a hit on a vape.