Art - Comic Strip

Updated: 10/6/2021
Art - Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Matilda, let's go! We're going to Guam now.
  • I don't wanna go! I want to stay with Miss Honey!
  • Why not sign the adoption papers instead? I'll be living with Miss Honey.
  • Yes! I'll take good care of her!
  • Matilda and Miss Honey telling stories while eating cookies, then suddenly Matilda's parents came.
  • Fine! Just be good with her. okay?
  • YEYY!!
  • Matilda's parents came to get her, but she refuses to go.
  • BYE!!
  • BYE!!
  • Matilda persuading her parents to sign the adoption papers.
  • They finally agreed signing the adoption papers.
  • Matilda's parents are off to Guam, while Matilda and Miss Honey waving goodbye.
  • Matilda and Miss Honey continued their bonding!