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Updated: 11/14/2020
comic slides

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  • There was this monster who is the leader of the people in all the planets named Bob. He was a very nice leader who had a talisman ,which was given to him by his mother before she passed away. Bob's mother was the only parental figure in his life because his father left them before he was born. Bob treated everyone the same by giving them the same education and same dress code which was a blue shirt with blue sweatpants .So he was not misogynistic because he treated everyone equally.
  • I can't wait to get new clothes
  • talisman
  • One day when Bob was walking around The planets , a person said an abhor comment about how the people don't like the dress code anymore. When the person said the abhor comment of the dress code, Bob was making Facetious comments about his talisman. After the person was done talking, he told the monster that he should be more serious during these type of situations when a person has an issue with something .The monster contrite to the person and went back home.
  • Surprised!!!
  • we don't like the dress code
  • look at my cool talisman
  • After the monster heard the abhor comment from the person ,Bob erudite that people might not like the dress code. So he changed the blue shirt and blue sweatpants dress code to wear anything you want. The people of the planets were very shocked because it's very anomaly that leaders change the rules .After the monster changed the dress code, the stores on The planets were replete with different clothing for the people to wear.
  • OMG Really
  • you can wear whatever you want
  • When everyone was shopping at the stores, the monster was smiling in a bovine way because he liked seeing his people happy. The monster is a very placid person, but he was really excited to see everyone liking the new dress code. After the stores were closed, he went home and started to tear up because he was thinking of how proud his mother would be if she was still alive. After that he went to sleep.
  • I'm so excited!!!
  • It was the next morning, when the monster woke up he put on his talisman which was glowing which meant that Good luck is coming his way. When he went out of his house to do his daily duties the people of The planets surprised him with a little celebration for all the hard work that he’s done. During the little celebration there were photos of his mother which made bob really sad. So he ran to his room.
  • After he ran to his room , he took off his talisman and tried to talk to his mother's spirits to heal his sadness. He can do this because his talisman has magical powers that you can talk To your family members' spirits that pass away. When Bob was trying to talk to his mothers spirit a person went to go check on him to make sure that he was ok. The monster saw the person and told him to leave and that he was fine. When the Person left the monster finally got to talk to his mom. His mother told him to not be sad because a lot of people love and care about him. After his mother talked to him he put the talisman back on and continued to celebrate with his people.
  • don't be sad. a lot of people love and care about you-mom